• The costume of 4 region

    Welcome our visitor, It’s almost New year, We wish everyone happy. Healthy, wealthy in 2016. Have a great year every one. This time our Thai Centre offers information about outfit in four regions of Thailand. Let’s check it out!

  • 10 Thai desserts you must try!

    Thai dessert or Kha Nom Wan Thai is very delicious and smells very good. There are many kinds of Thai dessert and all of them have beautiful design and colors. Thai people like to use banana leaf (Bai Tong) to warp the dessert and they also use natural ingredient for food coloring.

  • 10 Thai foods you must try!

    Today we will recommend 10 Thai foods that you must try when you visit Thai or you also can find the place to eat Thai foods in Vietnam. You can try and enjoy original Thai food in Thai restaurants in Vietnam such as Baan Thai, Golden elephant, Koh Thai etc.  

  • Thai Traditional Wedding - Part I

    Hello students welcome to Thai Centre website that has many resources for researching about Thai culture. Anyway this time we have more interesting topic  about  wedding ceremony in Thai. You’ll love and enjoy  with this ceremony in Thailand.

  • Songkran Festival

    In Thailand, we have many special days during the year .One of the most special day is Songkran Festival or we can call it “Tết Thái Lan”or “Lễ Hội té Nước” in Vietnamese. Songkran Festival is celebrated as the traditional Thai New Year’s day from 13 to 15 April.

  • Traditional Thai Greeting

    Welcome to our guide to Thailand’s custorms  from Thai Center.This is useful for anyone researching Thai culture, we has a lot of  information about Thailand  and you can learn by yourself from here.

  • Salutation to royalty

    In Thailand, we will stand up when the royal anthem and the national anthem are played. If you have ever gone to a movie theatre in Thailand before, you will see that before the film starts, the Thai people will stand up when the Royal anthem is played. Standing up for the royal anthem is meant to show your respect to His Majesty the king.

  • Thailand water festival in November - “Loy Krathong”

    There are a lot of traditional festivals associated  with living of Thai people in every month of year. Among those, The “Loy Krathong”  celerated in November is well known as one of the biggest festivals in Thailand.