The costume of 4 region

Welcome our visitor, It’s almost New year, We wish everyone happy. Healthy, wealthy in 2016. Have a great year every one. This time our Thai Centre offers information about outfit in four regions of Thailand. Let’s check it out!

The costume of Northern

The current cultural costumes, Chiang Mai is a renaissance of native culture to dress up. There are several forms of the ethnic groups living in the Lanna Kingdom in the application form of the traditional clothing by trying to keep up. The identity of the native Chiang Mai, so we have to consider for approval in the form of native dress by The Committee on Culture, Chiang Mai Year 2534.

The dress of the northern, the common people. Men should wear trousers style pants three part from cotton dyed blue or black. The shirt also wear cotton round neck short sleeve fabric chest blue or black color.

For the women will wear a sarong (skirt) long, almost to the ankles. Both young and old, popular wearing. Sarongs will be patterned skirt very exquisite and beauty. The shirt is a shirt with a colorful patterned likewise. About dress Northerners are dressed woman is always beautiful.


The costume of Northern

The costume of the Southern

The dress of the South is an outfit that different from the other regionas. In terms of dressing cloth multi-cotton such as satin fabric painted candles, tie - dyed fabrics but locals Southerner general popular dressing traditional batik or batik-patterned colors. The influence of fabric from Malaysia, Indonesia, The popular Muslim dress similar to a sarong. Most men would wear a sarong, but most women will wear batik. But today, people would wear the most fashionable clothes that are sold in the market. The famous fabric of the south are woven fabrics such as "Pah Yok MuangNakornsrithammarat , “Pah tor Pattani”.

People in this region have to dress differently based on race. Makes use of materials and patterns are unique to the race. If Chinese, wear traditional Chinese dress. If a Muslim It is similar to the Malaysiandress.

1. Chinese - Malay call this group Ya-Ya or that her grandmother is Chinese. Hokkien descent who is married to an indigenous ethnic Malays. The Ya-Ya have to dress a beautiful blend of Chinese and Malay styles together . The woman wears a flower pattern around the neck, waist and sleeve. Top wear batik sarong Men still dress Similar patterns of Chinese traditional.

2. Groups of Muslims in Thailand Aboriginal lands of Islam. And Malay, still, the traditional dress An old woman with a headscarf. Muslin clothes or Malay attire lace skirt or a long skirt woven batik. Men wear the collar  shirt and long pants with a short piece cloth wrapped around the waist. At home or casual wear sarongs woven with cotton and wearing a knit cap or sewn with velvet.

Thailand Buddhist folk group of people dress like the Thailand Central Region. Most women wear a loincloth Or a sarong and wear light-colored shirt sleeve the man dressed as Lady or loincloth. Wear cotton clothes and a cloth tied at the waist or across the shoulder outing or go back home ceremony.


The costume of Central region

Ratthanakosin Era

In this culture, dress, hairstyles, clothes and accessories.Still certain aspects which sequel from the Ayutthaya period. But there are different according to city and various local community.


Short hair cut called "Mahadthai" wear the cloth or ordinary people do not wear shirts. Except for the festival to participate in various ceremonial.


Wear the breast cloth and Jong Kra Ben. Jewelry including men, women and children apparel. There is very little difference to a group of people in society, which was divided among the nobility. And ordinary people according to conservative dressing style, this began to change. When the influence of Western expansion into this region for more. Especially during the reign of King Mongkut. The cultural shift dress has an elite group before.


The modern period (King Rama 5 - about the year 2480) 

Open policy is one country Please change the culture to dress like princes and officials wore the audience. In the reign of the fourth to break the hair style "Mahadthai" of men change to cut like the West. Diplomatic relations Commercial expansion of stores that sell orders from the West. To get to the settlers of the West, these things make the dress culture of the West into a relationship with the original culture dress. Believes that because of the popularity of "prosperity" of the West has embraced the idea of the beauty of the attitude of the West to come.

Early adaptation Western mix with the dressing. Palatine is the mainstay of the change. The royal party, but "dressed like Caucasian" is acceptable only special occasions. The traditional dress is still the same.


Popular modern state, and after World War 2. After the change of government in 2475, cultural dress of Thailand features the Western increasingly popular. Especially when Field Marshal PlaekPibulsongkram as prime minister in the first (2481 -2487) is important in creating a national policy with nationalism.The dress has put state regulations. Focus on dress modestly when in the appearances of the congregation or the public and classifies outfit for the people of Thailand. The schedule costumes and new hairstyles. The women all had long hair. Stop wear a Jong Kra Ben and breast cloth or strip the waist.  

The man asked to stop wearing silk pants of different colors or wear a purple cloth. Switch to wear trousers instead. Departments are organized outfit in the normal working hours of civil servants. And generally to provide an excellent example. In normal female civil servants to wear a white shirt and long skirt or recommend wearing shoes. Either short or long socks and wear a hat, The colors of the costumes outdoor should grey colour. If the indoor or on equipment should dark blue colour, etc.

Female Thailand today to dress trendy and daring to dress contrary to the culture of Thailand, like to wear short skirts above the knee to the thigh (mini skirt) to wear open belly or tight, and some fashion a skirt long pogrom. etc. But to get a foot on the fashion media from all over the world.The access to modern communications technology without borders. Fashion dress modern epidemic into Thailand every teenager quickly. Through various media, especially the cosplay singer. Teen actress Values of dress varies by occupation. By age and environment "Fashion" is a fashion that was popular in almost all professions and ages. Wear trouser is normal for women. Denim pants he was very popular in the youth group. During this period can not be concluded that there is a pattern or not. Continue to rotate the current fashion.


The costume of Northeast

The costume of northeast which is made from natural fibers such as cotton and silk local East. The Northeast is weaving a leisure activity after the busy farming or other work by women from different ages are passed down through the recognition and practice of childhood patterns, colors and dyeing and weaving. Woven fabrics, sewing machines will be used to make clothing, pillows, blankets and cloth weaving to prepare for women who will be married. The preparations for themselves and groom.

1. Textile fabrics for use in everyday life. There is no pattern to the fabric The need durability, so woven with dyed cotton as needed.

2. Textile fabrics used for special occasions such as weddings, religious traditions, dance patterned fabrics, often exquisitely beautiful. There are variety of colors.

Due east is the many cultural groups. Production of cloth thus varies according to culture. Northeastern Thailand is among a group of Cambodian descent scattered settlements in the province of Surin. Si SaKet and Buri Ram The group was weaving with their own particular identity. Colorful different from Thailand, Laos. However, the style of dress of the northeast "Morhom" ม่อฮ้อม men often wore a short-sleeved shirt, dark pants, wearing the same color shirt, touching knee. Use a cloth sash while women often wear a sarong tubular body.


The costume of Northeast

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