General Introduction

1. Name

- Official name:


- Business name in English:


- Name in Thai:


2. Type of organization

The Thai Centre is a sub- organization of USSH-VNU-HCMC established following the decision of the President of USSH-VNU-HCMC and under the direct management of the President. It has the right to organize following activities:

- Conducting research on Thai land and training of Thai and Vietnamese language;

- Offer cultural and academic services with relation to Thailand

The centre operates under the self-financial mechanism and with the financial support from Thai government and other sources of support.

3. Vision and mission

3.1. Vision

The centre shall be the leading organization for Thai language teaching and Thailand-Vietnam research as well as supplying scientific, training and cultural services contributing effectively to the national development and Vietnamese –Thai relationship enhancement.

3.2. Mission

- To be the largest Thai language training centre in Vietnam (and a large centre in the region in the future)

- To be a research centre specialized in conducting researches on Thailand and Thai relating issues

- To be a centre supplying scientific and cultural services contributing to the educational, scientific and socio-economic development.

4. Objectives

- Broadening and strengthening the friendship, collaboration and understanding between the two countries, Vietnam and Thailand, in education, science and culture. 

- Broadening the academic links between the USSH and centres, universities, social organisations and governmental offices of Thailand.

5. Functions and responsibilities

5.1. Functions

4 main functions:

- Training (Thai language, Vietnamese language, and subjects which refer to Thailand and Vietnam);

- Doing researches on Thailand – Vietnam and South East Asia region;

- Providing advices and consultancy in training and scientific research;

- Supplying academic and cultural services (academic and cultural transfer).

5.2. Responsibilities

- Organising Thai language courses at all levels for learners with different backgrounds;

- Organising Vietnamese language courses for foreigners (Thai people and their partners);

- Organising and conducting conferences, seminars, and forum which refer to Thailand and its relating subjects;

- Organising research programs on Thailand and its domestic and international relations;

- Preparing and publishing syllabi of Thai language, culture, and history;

- Organising cultural exchange programs between Vietnamese and Thai students, between travelling groups and students from both countries;

- Promoting Thai language, culture by mean of special classes, contests on Thailand, film screening, and cultural activities;

- Giving advice and consultation on travelling, visiting and studying in Thailand;

- Organising Thai language proficiency exams for Thai teachers;

- Being a focal contact point between members of VNU- HCM with centres and universities of Thailand.

6. Organisational structure

At the initial stage, the structure consists of:

- 1 director

- 1deputy director

- 2 staff with good Thai language proficiency

- Collaborators

Depending upon the achievement, the efficiency and the actual development needs as well as financial capabilities, the Thai Centre will recruit more staff in specific sections.


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